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Autumn; Fall

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As I enjoyed the beauty of G‑d’s creation, a strange thought struck me—after the leaves change, they will fall off the trees. This vibrant display of nature only occurs when the leaves are dying!
It is the aging leaves in the fall, clinging to life with their last breathe, that truly mesmerize me. These leaves remind me of a mature individual, made wise by his life experiences...
When leaves fall off trees it may appear as though the trees are dying...but they leave behind a scar and a bud proving that they are still alive...
The bare trees become full of life, lustre and hope, only to fade and fall away, returning back to the earth, gone. Is there a purpose to these revolving seasons, or are we in a cycle of endless and meaningless repetition?
"I know all about astronomy," insisted the rabbi. "Tvinkle, tvinkle little stah."
Why is the festival of Sukkot in the fall? What are we commemorating?
After filling the storehouses with the summer harvest, a person might feel confident about his financial situation, and forget the Creator who supplied him with all this material wealth.
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