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What is a personality? Is it just our imperfections which define us a certain way, whereas if we were to lose our imperfections (jealousy, stress, anger, and the “big one,” low self-esteem), would we all be the same?
You can feel your world crashing around you. All those thoughts, all those worries, they're coming to fruition. You really don't have anything valuable to share. You really can't be a good painter. You should probably put your kid up for adoption. It woul...
Born to idolatrous parents who raised him without G‑d, Abraham grappled with his faith until he discovered the existence of G‑d. What was effortless and facile for Noah was an arduous climb for Abraham...
Did G-d create a perfect world, or an imperfect one? That depends whether it's Shabbat or not.
I recently attended a seminar on the Canadian Human Rights Commissions. On the whole, the event amounted to a wholesale "Let's Quash the Human Rights Commissions" extravaganza...
With their extremely detailed brains, people with ADD are often plagued by an unattainable pursuit of perfection, which in turn, prevents them from completing almost-finished tasks, in a vicious cycle of running off to the next thing and then the next…
Understanding Shavuot
At that moment the angels understood what it means to be human and to have to deal with the challenges that we deal with. It took them a hundred and something years to recover from it...
Dear self, You are only human. You are not perfect, and really if you were, how absolutely dreadful that would be.
If a mom can have the flu, can she also have a broken heart, a quick temper, or an absent-minded nature? Can we raise our children to be a little more whole than we are ourselves?
If the point of our work is in its completion, if the beautiful end result is our sought-after goal, why, then, at its completion, isn't our satisfaction enduring? Chana Weisberg muses on the role of creativity in our life, and our world.
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