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Torah & modern physics believe in complete unity of the universe.
Torah & modern physics believe in complete unity of the universe.
Three points of interface
In the wondrous realm of subatomic reality, elementary particles move backward in time, leaving "footprints" that are experimentally observable. Thus, the force of tikkun--of negative-entropy--can be discerned in the infinitely small...
What do a garden hose nuzzle, a rocket, a hydraulic power plant, a shofar, and this article have in common? They all operate on the Pinch Principle
It’s a phenomenon predicted by Albert Einstein nearly a century ago, but never directly observed until now . . .
How deep can Talmud go?
Quantum logic helps explain a halachic ruling of Maimonides, a puzzling story of the Talmud, a Midrash about the splitting of the Sea of Reeds, and a rabbinic teaching about the relationship between Torah and existence.
Are quantum mechanics and Torah complementary?
To what extent does human knowledge and expression shape the reality which it observes and defines?
The Mystery of Matter, a three-part series
If matter is made almost entirely of empty space, why can’t my hand go through it? The answer is more mystifying than the question, and leads to some profound implications about our reality.
Everything is forever running and returning
We intuitively think of matter as something very static, just sitting there. It’s strange to think of matter as a tune being played by a string. What if our entire reality is just that?
The unifying power of Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur holds within it the very essence of the universe and of who we are. It brings together space, time and soul in one indivisible point that paradoxically contains every detail of existence. Yom Kippur is the “fifth dimension” that courses through...
In the middle of this lab session, as literally hundreds of undergraduate students like me were racing against the clock, I was summoned to the side by one of the dozens of supervisors...
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