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Ikvot Meshicha

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Ikvot Meshicha: lit. "The heels of Moshiach (Aramaic)," refering to the period immediately before the coming of Moshiach, which so to speak, hears the approaching “footsteps of Moshiach”.
III. Ikvot Meshicha: The Time Immediately Before Mashiach The time appointed by G-d for the Messianic redemption is a closely guarded secret.Pesachim 54b; Midrash Tehilim 9:2. See Zohar Chadash, Bereishit, 8a. Nonetheless, we are offered many hints to rec...
From the Upcoming Book, "Wisdom to Heal the Earth"
By the seventh generation of Chabad, the walls separating the Jew from the rest of the world had all come tumbling down.
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