Chilean Miners' Rescue (2010)

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Imagine for a moment that the miners had not been rescued, but were given the food and supplies necessary to continue living comfortably underground. Imagine that they weren't miners, but families...
Let's imagine that instead of miners in Chile, a father and mother with small children found themselves trapped.
A Chassidic Parable and the Rescue at Copiapó
When we look at the men who emerged from nothing less than a sixty-nine day burial within the bowels of the earth, we see that there may be a need even more crucial to survival than all others. The need for a leader.
I could be wrong about this, but I don't believe that the miners were popping pills all day to fight depression. How, I continued to ask myself, are they doing it?
Three months after their rescue in October from the very bowels of the Earth, more than two dozen Chilean miners received an energy boost at the top of a mountain located in the lowest place on the planet.
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