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Heat & Cold

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On Fighting Ice with Ice
How do we fight inner coldness? Well, the most obvious antidote to ice is heat. With enough heat you could melt a glacier. But there's another way...
You could take the Jew out of Egypt, but could you take Egypt out of the Jew? It was Moses’ job to facilitate this transition. One therapeutic technique that he used at G‑d’s behest was orchestrating the ten plagues . . .
Parshat Va’eira
The very concept of Egypt denotes limitation, a sense of entrapment, blockage and slavery. And we have a directive to escape this reality every day. We don’t need to physically live in the land of Egypt under Pharaoh’s rule to feel enslaved . . .
In Hebrew, the name Korach means “bald” and “ice”—representing the spiritual malaises of separation and apathy.
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