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Netanyahu, Benjamin

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Immediately after mounting a spirited defense of Israel in New York, Benjamin Netanyahu said that he was inspired by the Rebbe, who urged him in 1984 to “light a candle of truth” at the United Nations.
The Rebbe and Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu recalls sitting in his office when there was a knock on the door. "There is this gentleman who wants to see you. He says he knows you." In comes this strapping chassid, with a beard and peyot. "Do I know you?" Netanyahu said...
He spoke with pride in the very room that filled his predecessors with fear. His words were a clarion call for Jews who came away feeling that something that needed saying for a long time had just gotten off their chest.
Bibi's address has left a lot of people unhappy. Did Bibi blink by accepting a (sort of) Palestinian State? But I think that the question posed to me this past week is perhaps the most germane of all...
CNN News
Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks to CNN's Late Edition about the Gaza incursion.
1984 – 1994
Former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu shares some of the personal experiences he had with the Rebbe during his tenure as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations.
2 Iyar, 5748 · April 19, 1988
Newly elected Knesset Member Benjamin Netanyahu visits the Rebbe: I had much satisfaction from your first speech in the Knesset. Continue along this approach, for it is the best path to avoid war. You will have to struggle with 119 others in the Knesset, ...
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel shares the enduring message which he received in his first meeting with the Rebbe during his tenure as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations. (1984)
Taking the podium of the United Nations General Assembly to educate world leaers about Israel’s impassioned defense of human rights and contributions to the world community, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referred to guidance he received from the Rebbe...
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