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Positive Reinforcement

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I am constantly feeling undervalued and unappreciated at my job. I have a great position with a lot of freedom, which intellectually would seem to suggest that they are happy with me and my work. Yet continuously I feel that I am being marginalized and un...
Do we take enough time to look into our child’s eyes, to touch their hand, to really talk? “In one minute, when I finish this phone call.” “Let me just clean up and I’ll be right with you.” The problem is that “one minute” is never just one minute, and th...
I get no cooperation from my older son, which means no cooperation from my younger son, who is fond of imitating his big brother. I hate having to raise my voice before leaving the house instead of spending it happily with my children...
Can you simply call your struggling business colleague a “success story” and expect him to perform?
The maturity and confidence of an adult psyche can be gauged by its ability to face criticism. Yet, criticism may not be the best method for cultivating this maturity in the child.
Why id Isaac love Esau? Did he not know about Rebecca’s oracle?
This week’s Torah portion is called Emor, which means “say.” The name of each portion holds special significance and a lesson for life. The Midrash says regarding the opening words of our Parshah, “the sayings of G‑d are pure sayings.” Emor is a command t...
In the NASA program, the Rebbe understood, there had always been a problem with balancing weight limits versus fuel needs in space flights.
Haftorah Hyperlinks: Emor
Learn the profound connections between the weekly parsha and its related Haftorah.
Our eight-year-old son gets invited to birthday parties where non-kosher food is served. What’s the best way to handle this situation?
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