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Motion & Rest

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When you feel pulled in so many different directions, by all your many responsibilties, how do you find balance?
I love the Shabbat experience, but why so many restrictions? All that "don't do this" and "don't do that" -- sounds more like a prison than a day of rest!
To be a Jew is to be constantly moving from what you are to what you can be, and from what you have made of yourself to yet a deeper truth of what you are
Imagine that you are living your life on the rim of a spinning wheel. Round and round it turns, faster and faster
When you walk or run, your change of place derives from your prior position. One foot leaves the ground, while the other remains planted there to provide the forward impetus. But when you jump, both feet leave the ground...
We are all warriors, for we each harbor the conviction that we were born to make a difference
We recognize a face, feel the cold, understand a concept; these are all expressions of memalleh, "filling" energy. Yet we all experience a more sublime consciousness -- the "encompassing" energy the Chassidic masters call sovev
Reflections on Shabbat
Shabbat is the pause between, the no-man's land, the dark of light, the in of out, the light of dark, the in-between
About three years ago, my husband was going through a very hard time, and he was very mean to me. After a couple of very rocky years, with me wanting a divorce many times, things seem to have stabilized. My problem is that I just can't get past the past. ...
Reflections on the East Coast Earthquake
I don't know about you but I definitely could use a little shaking up. Because when things stay in one place for too long they get boring, they get old....
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