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Bullying; Aggression

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A good friend of mine invited us over for dinner and when I told my daughter we were going there, she started to cry and said this woman's daughter is the meanest girl in the school. I am not sure if I should tell her mother or not?
Can one truly break away from the evil that others did, and resolve to act with generosity and understanding to others?
Every week the same scenario plays out at our family game night. My ten-year-old daughter starts up with her siblings and when we say something she gets very upset. I mean she throws a tantrum and says some variation of us not loving her. Nothing we do se...
Judaism recognizes that we all have the power to change. But it doesn't happen on its own. It doesn't happen simply because we grow older...
"It is so hard to have a bully in my class," my son tells me. His expression is so sad; but I am even more saddened that at the young age of ten, he has already come to accept bullying as an unchangeable fact of life.
My daughter was diagnosed with Diabetes. She takes her insulin injections and handles it surprisingly well. However, at school she suffers from classmates who poke fun at her, calling her "diabetes girl" or other forms of teasing. How can I help her?
My ten year old son comes home from school very disturbed. Apparently there is a class bully who humiliates and teases him and does the same for anyone who tries to oppose him.
Bear in mind that what is coming out of your brother’s mouth is basically bursts of hot air. You now have to make a choice as to how to decode this air, and what interpretation to give to it . . .
Turn confrontation into friendship
Return bullets with flowers. Lie low. Ponder what you like about this person. And then defuse the whole situation with a smile.
Programs at Chabad centers give adults and kids tools to deal with intimidators
Who hasn’t experienced bullying in one form or another—as a kid on the playground, an adult at work and even among family, right at home? With a national spotlight focused on bullying—mostly in school environments but in other places as well—events at Cha...
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