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Sadly, we are influenced by a society that eats not when it’s hungry, but when it’s bored. We are distracted by access, and it’s disheartening, because we are so much more than that...
What does an authentic experience mean to you? What parts of your life are “plastic simulations”?
The Bedrock of Belief
I could believe the world was real. But was it possible to know it? What had to be added to that belief in order to convert it into knowledge?
A casino is a carnival of human emotion. A palace of dreams made and shattered. And I was there. I was about to join in.
Yesterday I was at a carnival. As I got on each roller coaster, I felt more alive than I had been in a while. My heart ached with joy. Life made sense. Everything fit.
Realness. Authenticity. Sincerity. Are these all lost qualities in our day and age?
So what’s with the blood on the doors?
When I was younger, guys like Superman and Batman were my heroes. Their big muscles gripping their huge guns made boys my age want to emulate them. Not much has changed since...
For the first time since leaving Egypt, the people were being asked to become active participants.
Logical explanations regarding the authenticity of Torah, and critiquing the Bible critics . . .
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