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Edot: "Testimonials." These are the mitzvot that commemorate or represent something, such as to eat matzah on Passover or to put on tefillin. Without the Torah we would not have thought of these; nevertheless, they are rational acts. A middle category between mishpatim and chukim.
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A skit in four parts, with four siblings and four questions.
Characters: Abbie:Trendy lady in her mid-twenties. Heavily into new-age spirituality, saving the ecosystem and exotic travel. Sheldon: Sheldon plays tough, but there’s a soft spot inside for his family. Tom:Soft-spoken. Hangs out a lot in nature, thinking...
On the question asked by wisdom itself
Wisdom, it turns out, is prototyped not by its answer, but by its question. But what is the question that wisdom never ceases to ask?
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