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Bitachon (Trust in G-d)

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Bitachon (Trust in G-d): faith and trust in G-d; this is not the belief in G-d per se, rather it is the faith that everything that G-d does--everything that occurs--will be for the good
Real Confidence
There are attitudes that are the outcome of experience, and experiences that are the outcome of attitude.
A letter to a Jew at the doors of the next world
Even as the cold blade of a sharp sword lies upon your neck…
Are we really the masters of our own lives?
Think of a video streamed through narrow bandwidth, full of ugly artifacts and audio distortion. Optimism loosens the constrictions, widens the bandwidth and allows the video to flow through in hi-res. That's fundamentally different from the law of attrac...
Studying Sha’ar HaBitachon, The Gate of Trust, from the classic text of Chovot Halevavot (Duties of the Heart), which teaches how to live with trust, certainty and tranquility.
A webinar exploring a powerful letter from R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi on higher consciousness.
A webinar exploring a powerful letter from R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi on higher consciousness.
On the elusiveness of gratitude and confidence in our times
A video of the webinar on this topic is posted at the end of this article. Due to a combination of my respiratory history and my age, before the rest of you were locked up, my wife and children had already put me on the endangered species list. Now, despi...
Faith means absolute trust in G-d. But there is something still greater than faith. (“Parsha Perks” with Dr Michael Chighel | Shemot)
Successful people—from Michael Jordan to Steve Jobs—have spoken about accepting the role of failure in the journey towards success. So why are we always so anxious about failures, whether perceived or real? What role does our faith play in our attitude to...
Sukkot Meditations for the Ultimate Tranquility
Sukkot is a season for total tranquility, total bliss, total reliance on the One Above. That's what we're saying when we leave our comfortable homes to sit in a makeshift hut that could be blown away with a single puff of a strong wind. It's also good to ...
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