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Question: For years, I’ve suffered failure and disappointment again and again. Now, my doctor sent me to a psychiatrist who gave me a diagnosis of clinical depression. I’m taking medication, which helps, and some CBT therapy twice a week. Also exercise. B...
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The first 10 Controversial Affirmations for People Who Choose to Fight Depression received a much more enthusiastic response than anyone had expected. Some very encouraging reader comments—including wise advice and valuable lessons of experience. Download...
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Words that speak from timeless wisdom, with the power to transform.
Take advantage of the roller coaster of life
Life is a roller coaster. Everything is moving, everything is pulsating. Become small, receive life, and then shine.
As things seemed to go from bad to worse, I pushed my chair away from the desk and forced myself to take a few breaths. I had to do something, or I knew I was doomed to have my day continue its downspin . . .
It would take just one click. It was simple. One click and it would all be over . . .
Psychotropics are not enough. Anxiety can be overcome only with a deep and mighty sense of faith.
I have a friend whom I have known for years. More recently, however, she has been really depressed and non-responsive, and seems to blame everyone else for her problems. I am concerned for her and fear that her recent behavior will really create major pro...
How to deal with anxiety and worry, depression and self-pity, nagging guilt, feelings of inadequacy and self-blame. Only once liberated from all the above can the soul soar freely.
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