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Table, The

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Channeling the Blessings of Prosperity
Little is known about the Shulchan (the Gold Table), which stood opposite the menorah in the Holy Temple. This class explores the function, significance, and symbolism of the Table and the Show-Bread.
Based on Zohar Teruma 153
"You shall make a Table of acacia wood..." Food for the whole world emerges from this table , so it should not be empty even for one moment. There should be food on it, because the blessing is not present in an empty place.
Both the Menorah and the showbread table of the Temple are symbolized by the Chanukah menorah.
Both the Menorah and the showbread table of the Temple are symbolized by the Chanukah menorah.
The menorah symbolizes our spiritual needs, and the table is a metaphor for our material needs. But there is a connection between the two . . .
According to the Zohar, the shulchan was what brought blessing of sustenance to the tables of the whole world.
It was called bread, but it was matzah. It stood in the open air for a full week and didn’t become stale. And its preparation required special expertise. It was the showbread, the bread of the Tabernacle (the portable Temple) and, later, the Holy Temples....
The Show-Bread
Exodus 25:30 "And you shall put show-bread upon the table, for Me, always" Have you ever heard of bread that stayed fresh for over a week?! It may sound strange, but at the time of the Beit HaMikdash, this miracle took place every week. HaShem commanded t...
The long-standing Jewish custom is for Shabbat breads to be braided. Here's why.
When no one was in the synagogue, he brought in the loaves under his cloak. He prayed that G‑d should look upon his offering with favor, and eat and enjoy the lovely, freshly baked bread . . .
The Talmud on the Sukkah’s minimum height
Is it a decorative royal rim or table top frame? The Talmud discusses Judaism’s kingly gold table in the Holy Temple as a source of sacred shelter size. Plus, let’s just face it, and a monster bird too! (Talmud tractate Sukkah 5a-b)
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