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Assisted Reproduction

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The situations arising today in the realm of conception have no medical precedence, and yet the centuries old Torah has much to say about the spiritual ramifications of these procedures
Ethical and halachic issues with scientific innovations
Rabbi Professor Avraham Steinberg probes the complex definitions of the most basic of concepts – human being, motherhood, fatherhood – in face of new fertility technologies.
Question: Both my wife and I agree that we would like to have a little girl. I have recently learned about "pre-implantation genetic diagnosis" or PGD, a procedure in which parents who are undergoing IVF can screen embryos for certain characteristics (suc...
We saw more doctors and underwent more invasive tests, all with the same conclusion: IVF was our only option...
My Fertility Journey
Please G‑d, send me a present. I know I am so wealthy with blessings, but right now I need a present. Show me, please, that you are with me.
When it comes to the complex and sensitive topic of using genetic engineering to produce offspring with specific characteristics, it is important to bear in mind that there are many medical techniques and methods referred to as “genetic engineering,” as w...
Chana Spiro battled a life-threatening cancer when she was 18. She is now undergoing treatment for infertility with her signature resolve and positive perspective.
Is Gene Editing a Step Too Far?
Rabbi Dr. Moshe Tendler discusses the complex moral issues of gene editing. Emphasizing the importance of understanding world knowledge as well as Torah knowledge, in-order to properly address these delicate issues.
Rabbi Steinsaltz notes that the concepts of artificial insemination and surrogate motherhood can be found in Jewish literature dating back 18-20 centuries ago. He discusses some of the legal problems that arise in defining the parenthood of the fetus crea...
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