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Hur: (a) (d. 1313 BCE) Son of Miriam and Caleb, grandfather of Bezalel. Moses placed Aaron and Hur in charge of the Israelites in his absence, when he ascended Mount Sinai to receive the Tablets. According to the Midrash, Hur was stoned to death when he objected to the creation of the Golden Calf. (b) One of the five Kings of Midian mentioned in the Book of Numbers.
The story of Hur is one of heroism, tragedy and, ultimately, redemption.
Chur, Aaron, Moses – Three Styles of Leadership
Where was the Jewish leadership during the sin of the Golden Calf? Why were they not able to stop the sinning before it got out of hand?
Building the Tabernacle, G-d’s terrestrial residence, must have been a most sought-after contract. What was it about Bezalel and Oholiab that caused them to land this coveted assignment?
Caleb (in hebrew, “Kalev”) was one of the most prominent and influential Jews to leave Egypt.
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