Self Control; Self Conquest

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The original hi-tech personal assistant
At that point I realized that my iPhone is the Primordial Snake from the Garden of Eden. But nevertheless, I love my iSnake.
Severe Siberian cold waves swept across the remote forest region with a vengeance, as the bitter temperature plummeted further. It was week two of his treacherous trek . . .
You now possess three-quarters of a billion dollars. You make yourself a cup of coffee, and you sit at your kitchen table, thinking about the money. How does it change your plans? How does it change who you are?
I found myself questioning the one thing I had always depended on—my Jewish faith...
Our Struggle is G-d's Pleasure
G-d is not displeased with those who struggle to do the right thing. To the contrary, it causes G-d great pleasure to see us striving to overcome our lower nature.
We scratch because it feels good. At least in the moment. And it is a relief. But the pain always returns, for the itch comes back begging for more, and the cycle continues . . .
Learning to Love Myself
I tapped into a part of myself that’s generally under wraps. Mummified, really. This part of me, in case you’re wondering, is my integrity. My authenticity. Not that I’ve been living a lie, but I haven’t been so honest with the world, not even with myself...
Somehow, very early on along the way, eating became mechanical, emotional, social, comforting, and generally filled with mindlessness . . .
Overcoming my fears
I should go. I didn’t want to go. In all honesty, I was embarrassed to admit it, I was afraid to go. This was an antiquated, angrily disputed place; quite small, really. Though you’d never guess it by the media attention it drew. I pushed it to the back o...
So many teens are terrified. Terrified of the world they are just getting to know, of the future which seems so out of reach, and most of all, terrified of themselves . . .
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