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Part 2 of a series on Nature and Miracles
Instead of asking whether there’s such a thing as a miracle, let’s ask if there’s such a thing as nature. Who is this Mother Nature anyways?
The power of the Maariv prayer
Slowly and deliberately, the blue sky gives way to the most breathtaking artwork. As if with giant strokes of an invisible brush, G‑d sets the sky as His canvas. He begins softly, gently tinting some distant clouds, but He does not stop for a moment . . .
If we would only slow down and pay attention to the beauty that surrounds us. We are called human beings, not human doings. We tend to value ourselves and others by how much we achieve, how many items we can check off our “to do” list, how much we can ama...
Experiencing Mikvah
Again and again I lose awareness of myself and then regain it; a cycle of life, death, and birth is repeating over and over. It is just the water and I. Or is it? If I am losing myself in the water, is there just water? There is clarity in the simplicity ...
Just looking around, the life lessons are plentiful. We learn that a plant plucked from its source quickly wilts and then withers. And that's just how we feel when we get disconnected from what gives us life...
From Kenya to Jerusalem
She turned round quickly and her flippers sent a cloud of tiny bubbles towards my mask. When they cleared I saw her signaling frantically: she clutched her throat a few times and then held her hand out towards me. The bubbles that were supposed to be drif...
A Passover lesson
There are two ways to use the beauty of this world. One way is to walk into the wild in order to escape one’s inner turmoil, the other is to walk into the wild in order to go towards one’s self . . .
Each year, I experience my feelings of excitement anew when the rain begins to fall and I, once again, await the transformation from death to life...
What is the Jewish standpoint on miracles? How important or unimportant is miraculous phenomena to the Jewish believer?
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