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Nemesis of G‑dliness
Amalek is the psychic and cosmic nemesis of all that is pure and G‑dly in man and in creation. How is he overcome? The key lies in a single word: “Remember.”
Remember everything may be possible, but is it beneficial?
How exactly memory works remains mysterious. But many people wish they could enhance their recall or sometimes delete painful memories. Science continues to develop new and better ways to manipulate memory. Whether this is beneficial or ethical is an open...
Can you imagine how much easier it would be to move forward if we could look at our past and realize that just as we have changed, grown and developed, so too have those that let us down? The person they were may have caused us pain, but the person they a...
Emotion and life were not part of the gray house on Andrew Avenue. Yes, there were four people living there, ostensibly a family. In reality, just four people sharing two bathrooms . . .
The years have passed, and life has changed quite a bit. But the tangible piece of her sits in my purse, and the emotional one sits in my heart. She is still here. I see her in the day-to-day events that go by...
There’s no such thing as history in Judaism. The last message that Moses imparted to his people demonstrates this point.
It was his first day of retirement. Suddenly, after all the financial planning and ‎midnight talks with Behira, his wife of forty years, he had no plans...
Daddy, where are the roadsigns on this journey? How far can I take you before memory dead-ends?
In today's world, we're told that the faster and fuller we "carry on with our lives" after we lose someone, the healthier we are. Does this mean that we're all disposable and replaceable? Can our loved ones laugh so quickly after we're gone?
The obvious question: Why are we made to forget? Obvious answer: Because there are certain things we should not know. Obvious question #2: So why are we made to know them, or almost know them, in the first place?
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