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Eleazar ben Azariah, Rabbi

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Eleazar ben Azariah, Rabbi: (Circa 70 CE-circa 135 CE) Mishnaic sage. At the age of 18, he was appointed as head of the academy in Yavneh, replacing Rabban Gamaliel II as Nassi. Many important halachic decisions were made on that historic day that Rabbi Eleazar took office, and thousands of new students were admitted into the academy. Rabban Gamaliel was soon reinstated, and he and Rabbi Eleazar served jointly.
The name of the great Sage Rabbi Elazar, the son of Azariah, is familiar to Jewish boys long before they begin to study the Talmud. For this great Tanna (teacher of the Mishnah) is mentioned in the Haggadah, and he is known as "the young man who became gr...
Instability caused by Roman Emperor Domitian’s temporary breakup of the Yavneh assembly resulted in a number of disputes that created dissension among the Torah scholars.
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