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Objects; Things

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Again, he is alone. Again, he trudges through the desert, through the white sand, hoping to find something, something outside of himself before he goes insane. Something to save him.
What are the traditional Jewish beliefs about G-d?
Nothing has to be. Existence has a deliberate cause. We call that G-d. But what is G-d? What is it that causes all things to be? What Do Jews Mean When They Say G-d? The Problem of Definition The philosopher will likely explain that G‑d is absolute existe...
How G‑d got lost in translation
The other day I realized that I hadn't seen G-d in quite a while -- probably not since childhood... Where did I misplace Him?
Plunging further into the mysteries of the universe, Rabbi Infinity reveals the secret of deep cosmic breathing as he teaches little Miri the fifth letter of the alefbet.
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