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Tur: (lit. “Row”; full name: Arba’ah Turim, “the Four Rows”); a four volume codification of Jewish law, containing Halachic rulings of all Rishonim, compiled by R. Yaakov ben Asher (c. 1270-c. 1343); the Shulchan Aruch and many later codifications of Halachah follow the format of the Tur.
R. Jacob ben Asher, son of R. Asher ben Yechiel (the Rosh), was one of the most prominent Torah scholars in medieval Europe. His classic work on Jewish law, Arba’ah Turim (known also as Tur), covers every area of Jewish life (in the post-Temple era), pres...
Halakhah refers to Jewish law. Per its literal translation, “the way,” halachah guides the day-to-day life of a Jew.
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