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Parshat HaChodesh

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Parshat HaChodesh: (lit. "portion of the month"); Torah portion concerning the Passover offering and the mitzvah to keep a calendar, read on the Shabbat before the month of Nissan
The fourth and final seasonal Torah Reading highlights our first foundational and recurring, national ritual endeavor – the proverbial Paschal Offering. Yet, as a voice from Jerusalem suggests, there seems to be more than roasted lamb on the menu. This le...
Being Jewish is about synthesizing the supernatural and the natural. Based on Likkutei Sichos vol. 17 Tazria - HaChodesh)
Life Lessons from Parshat HaChodesh
On the Shabbat preceding the month of Nissan a special Torah reading is added, which discusses establishing the Jewish months and the Passover offering. Discover the special spirit of this month.
Parshat Hachodesh
The first mitzvah given to the Jewish nation was to “sanctify time” by establishing a calendar. How do we make time holy?
Though most of the mitzvot were transmitted at Sinai, a select few were given beforehand. They were yet in Egypt when they received their first mitzvah: it’s time to establish a new calendar!
Preparations for Passover now begin in earnest. On the home front, Operation Chametz-Free House kicks into high gear. On the synagogue front, we supplement the weekly Torah readings with two special Pre-Passover readings.
The Month of Nissan vs. the Month of Tishrei
Our Sages differ regarding the month that marks the beginning of creation. They also debate the month in which redemption will come. This class reconciles their views and provides critical insight into the divergent forces that must combine to redeem the ...
Beginning before Purim and concluding before Pesach, we read — in addition to the weekly Torah portion — four special additional Torah sections. The Jerusalem TalmudMegillah 3:5. states that according to Rabbi Chama bar Chanina, the third reading, the sec...
This year, as in many other years, the Torah portion Shemini is read on the Shabbos that precedes Rosh Chodesh Nissan. There is yet another connection between this Shabbos and Rosh Chodesh Nissan, for this Shabbos is also “Parshas HaChodesh,” the Shabbos ...
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