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Tarfon, Rabbi

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Tarfon, Rabbi: (c. 46-c.117) Mishnaic sage, an adherent of the House of Shammai, a contemporary of Rabbis and Joshua ben Hananiah. A Kohen, he served in the Temple and many of his recollections of the Temple service are recorded in the Talmud. He was extremely wealthy, gave generously to charity, and was renowned for the tremendous respect he accorded his mother.
One of the great Tannaim who lived at the time of the destruction of the Beth Hamikdosh was Rabbi Tarfon. Rabbi Tarfon lived in Lydda, but he very often came to Yavneh to take part in the discussions of the Sanhedrin. He was a descendant of a priestly fam...
When I was newly married and living with my in-laws in Kotzk, I fell ill to the point of no return. The family sent word to my father in Biala that he should come immediately.
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