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Why not keep our ring on our first finger? Our pointer may be our strongest and most passionate. But, our fourth finger, our ring finger, is our gentlest...
And when are we to cut our nails?
There is indeed an ancient custom of not cutting nails sequentially. The earliest mention seems to be in a version of Masechet Kallah quoted by the Machzor Vitry, written by Rabbi Simchah ben Shmuel of Vitry (who passed away in 1105, the same year as his ...
Question: I have been told that one must never let his nail clipping lying around as they pose danger to fetuses. How does that work? Response: The Talmud Moed Katan 18a; Niddah 17a. tells us that "the righteous bury their nails, the pious burn them, and ...
The basic reason is that one should be close enough to the flame's light to benefit from it.
Or: G-d's Sticky Fingerprints
What's the difference between No-thingness with a capital N and vanilla nothing with a lower case n? What makes one Nothing G-d and the other just nothing?
Wednesday Elul 22 5703 Torah lessons: Chumash: Nitzavim-Vayeilech, Revi'i with Rashi. Tehillim: 106-107. Also 64-66. Tanya: And this is (p. 483) ...will have rest... (p. 485). Chassidic doctrine demands that before reproving another, one must pare his own...
Thursday 20 Adar I 5703 Torah lessons: Chumash: Ki Tissa, Chamishi with Rashi. Tehillim: 97-103. Tanya: Even in the (p. 137)...transgression, and so on. (p. 137). Avoda (translated as "service" and "striving") is not the striving that avoda (service) itse...
In the course of Havdalah we sniff at aromatic spices and gaze at a braided candle. What are the reasons for these practices, and how exactly are they done?
The month of Elul is a time for repentance and introspection before the coming of Rosh Hashanah. Yet there are some who use this time of year to chastise their congregations instead of inspiring them.
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