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Sight (30)
Have you ever wondered why many of our body parts were created in pairs? Through the paradox of right and left, our vision is broadened, deepened.
The moment that the eye sees something of itself, suddenly its function has deteriorated...
Flashing with light, full of feeling and emotion, always moving, incredibly sensitive, the eyes are our windows to the world around us. With our senses of hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling - we make contact with the world. But seeing is captain of t...
“So make it yellow,” replied Kusheh. And that is exactly what he did.
Social Media Leadership
Why is that we are motivated to Friend dozens or perhaps hundreds of people on social media forums such as Facebook?
We generally find that whatever is going on in our lives, whatever we are thinking about, is what we are apt to see. And no doubt, what we see is there to be seen. But there is so much more happening around us that we are often blind to, because we simply...
Looking with a good eye on the entire Jewish people will also affect your physical eyes. When you look at your fellow Jew without judgment, with a “good eye,” it strengthens the health of your physical eyes as well.
The eyes are the windows to the soul; they express so much in a person. What is spiritually good for the eyes?
Chapter 5, Part 1
Focus on the ascending degrees of proximity to holiness
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