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Debate; Argument

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Machloket (16)
The Jewish obsession with arguments
How can we rely on these rabbis if they can’t even agree with one another?
Practical Parshah - Korach
The Sages tell us that the argument of Korach in this week's portion was doomed to fail because it was "an argument that was not for the sake of heaven." What is an argument that is for the sake of heaven?
Sometimes I wonder if the open-minded loyalists aren’t in truth closed minded. They cannot entertain the thought that the “old-schoolers” had anything right...
For truth to be upheld, it is fundamental that human beings do not live in intellectual isolation, only hearing views that reinforce their own...
On the rare occasions when we are swayed by an "opinion piece" on a controversial issue, more often than not it's not by the arguments made, but by who is making them
A New Wave in Educating Jewish Women
Torah learning for Jewish women has been revolutionized. No longer must women strive to learn as men, but rather women are now revealing and celebrating their own unique ability to learn as women.
We are far more willing to tolerate differences with those who validate us than with those who don't. In a friend's hands such trust can enhance a relationship; but in the hands of a foe such trust can be cunningly exploited...
There had never been a particularly warm relationship between the siblings, and in the years that followed, their connections became weaker.
Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn’s manifesto against self-righteousness in interpersonal discourse
Introduction: A Teaching to Purify the Air There’s an old joke about a Jew marooned on an island. When finally picked up by a passing ship the rescuers are bemused to find that the otherwise desolate island has no less than three synagogues. The marooned ...
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