The bus bumped over the dirt road and jerked to a halt outside a low wooden building where the late summer campout would be based. Minutes later, the grass was covered with an assortment of boys, backpacks, and various camping paraphernalia. Rafi and Danny had agreed to share a tent, and they went over to where all the tent equipment had been placed. Their counselor, Saul, was giving out poles, canvas, ropes, and pegs. “These aren’t tents!” Danny exclaimed.

Saul grinned at him. “They will be whatever you make them be. We want you guys to use your initiative a bit and figure out how to build something that will keep the warmth in and wind and rain out — hopefully.”

Danny and Rafi both shrugged and started dragging the equipment out to the large grassy field where some of the other boys had begun setting up their tents. A circle of stones had been laid out to show where the fire would be burning that night. “Look, Danny,” Rafi pointed out. “How about building it near the fire like Josh and what’s-his-name?” Danny nodded his consent, and the two settled down on a smooth grassy area.

After clearing their site of stones and wood, the two boys felt ready to begin. Half an hour later they felt ready to quit. “It doesn’t look like it’ll keep any weather out,” said Rafi disappointed. “Apart from the sunshine early in the morning, of course.”

“Look,” said Danny. “Maybe let’s draw up a plan. We have to make this work. Remember what Saul said? This’ll be whatever we make it be.”

“Hmm,” said Rafi as the two started tying poles together for a second time. “That sort of sounds like what my father was telling me this morning.” Danny raised his eyebrows. “Well, it’s not really related, but we were learning this week’s sedrah, and it was talking about when the animals and Adam were created. It says that G‑d brought the animals to Adam to be named, and whatever Adam named them, that’s what their names were to be. I thought, that sounds really cool. It is sort of like G‑d giving Adam the power to do something independent, naming the animals. That is sort of what is happening here. The counselors are giving us the chance to try to do something independently. And whatever will be, will be!”

“Yeah” said Danny, “but I’ll bet Adam didn’t botch up the first time round!” The two laughed as they hauled the canvas over the top pole.