The school bell had just rung; school was over. Eli and Daniel, two 13 year olds, jumped up from their seats, grabbing their coats and bags as they dashed for the classroom door. They were in a rush, because tonight they were going to their friend Meir's house to play on his new Nintendo Wii.

Last week Wednesday, Meir, already 15, had excitedly invited them over to play on the new game he'd received for his birthday. "You've never played anything like this," he said excitedly, "my X-Box is boring in comparison, and I got this game called Excite Truck that you're gonna love!"

Glee was written all over his face. And indeed, the boys were enthralled by the brilliance of the game and they spent the whole Wednesday evening playing on the Wii, until Meir's mother's "Time to go!" shook them out of the reverie.

"Don't worry," said Meir with a bleary eyed broad smile. "We can play some more tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after too!"

It was now a week later.

"Can you believe we've played this game almost every night of the week!" exclaimed Eli, as they raced each other down the road.

"Yes," Daniel said laughing, "we could start a Wii Club."

"We could call it the Wii-C and get the whole class to join in… and of course we will be the Wii-C champions!" added Eli. "The Wii-C Champions are on the track!" he exclaimed emotionally, radio presenter voice at its best.

"Because we always get good grades anyways," Daniel whooped.

But then he paused. "Hold on," he said stopping in his tracks, the smile on his face slowly disappearing. "I've just realized something."

"What is it?" asked Eli, panicking.

"Nothing really," said Daniel, "I've just remembered the sacrifices."

"Sacrifices?!" exclaimed Eli. "Are you trying to wind me up?"

"The sacrifices in the Temple," explained Daniel finally. "Rabbi Feldman was explaining in class today that nowadays we can't offer up physical sacrifices in the Temple in Jerusalem since it was destroyed two thousands years ago. But instead each of us is like a miniature Temple and we need to offer up spiritual sacrifices from our animal soul and animal inclination."

"Man, Daniel, that sounds deep!" exclaimed Eli. "I mean, how exactly do you offer up the animal inclination? Should we go let some blood?" He laughed at his own sense of humor.

"Very funny," Daniel said quietly, shrugging.

After a moment of silence he explained: "But really, it is much simpler than letting blood. We don't need to hurt ourselves to offer a sacrifice. Rabbi Feldman said it's much simpler and that it is good for us. Like right now our animal inclination says that we should just spend another evening playing Excite Truck," he paused. "The sacrifice we could make is being more responsible instead, for example studying for our Jewish Studies test, which personally I'm a little worried about. Tomorrow my friend…" his voice trailed into his furrowed brow.

"Okay, are you officially a rabbi?" asked Eli sarcastically. Daniel's righteousness was a bit boring, but deep down he knew Daniel was right…a week playing Wii maybe was a little much, even for Eli.

"Okay, philosophy aside," said Eli, "according to you it's not so difficult to offer sacrifices nowadays, and after all we do have a test tomorrow—let's go to your place and study!"