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Parshah Musings

Are You Trapped?
Contemplating Mortality
What has struck me as I sit listening to memories and eulogies is that mourners seem to care about one thing. No matter what people did for a living or the way they passed away, all that everyone left behind wants to talk about is the way they acted toward others.
A Different Kind of Spirituality
You need to grew a long white beard, talk softly, and spend full days in prayer and private worship. At least that's the common notion of "spiritual"
Meat, Milk and Logic
Why to do a mitzvah that makes sense
Guilt vs. Predisposition
Whenever they arrest a murderer or deviant, you can be sure that a fleet of trained mouthpieces will portray the perpetrator as a victim of a miserable childhood or genetic predisposition to violence. Is there truth to these assertions?
Get Thee Away from Falsehood
Why the Torah tells us to distance ourselves from lies
What’s so terrible, anyway? It’s not as if I was intending to harm anyone. Just a little white lie for short-term gain, with no obvious pain to come.
Life Is a Loan
If I Were a Wealthy Man
How do I demonstrate proper gratitude for the gifts with which I have been endowed?
The Young and the Restless
There could be 1,000 people packing every pew, but if there are no young people among them, the congregation is moribund.
A Culture of Dependency
Why does the Torah forbid lending money with interest? The "Culture of Dependency" created by many welfare states can provide some insight in this area...
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