The words have stopped because there's nothing left to be said. There is not yet forgiveness or acceptance for what has been said and done, nor, perhaps, will there ever be. But there is something else -- something that you have never felt before, at least not quite this way
Four Cups
What is the difference between being "taken out", "delivered", "redeemed", and being made truly, eternally, inherently and intrinsically free?
It's Only Natural
A myth debunked
Are thing supposed to be the way things are, or are things supposed to be the way things are supposed to be?
Whacking the River
Our source of sustenance is neither regular nor predictable. It does not well up from a channel grooved in the earth, nor is it treaded up from a hole in the ground. Our eyes are forever trained upward, in hope and expectation, and in faith . . .
Suspended Hailstones
You're walking down the street when, suddenly, a hard object with sharp edges hits you smack in the middle of the forehead...
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