After G‑d had sent Moses to tell the Jewish people that He would soon redeem them, and the suffering only got worse, we read G‑d’s response to Moses´ outcry, “Why have You mistreated this people?”

G‑d responds, “I am HaVaYaH,” a name signifying the very essence of the divine.

How does that answer Moses’ outcry?

Great revelation comes through great suffering. The greater the toil, the greater the accomplishment.

We are here to reveal G‑d’s essence in the world. Essence is revealed only under enormous pressure, like diamonds from coal. When we left Egypt, we got a diamond: a connection to G‑d.

This is G‑d’s reply to Moses. “I’m honing out a deeper connection with you, and that comes through suffering.”

But that was but the tip of the iceberg.

In marriage, at the beginning there is a powerful connection. However, over years of struggle and hardship, the couple forges a connection which is infinitely deeper.

So it is about our connection with G‑d. When we left Egypt, our bond was powerful. However, now that we have endured unimaginable hardship and suffering in this exile, two thousand years, imagine how incredible our connection has become.

Soon, when Moshiach will come, we will experience the fruit of our labor. G‑d will reveal His essence, and we will be one.