The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute unveiled a trip to Israel to coincide with its new six-week course exploring the Holy Land and its spiritual significance to the Jewish people.

The Land and The Spirit Mission to Israel, which takes part of its name from the course currently being offered by dozens of Chabad-Lubavitch centers across the world, will run March 23-31 and, according to organizers, promises to explore not only the most important Jewish sites of Israel – like the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron – but also the spirit of the Promised Land.

Israeli dignitaries and rabbinical officials will address participants throughout the trip.

“The extraordinary success of our National Jewish Retreat the past two summers led us to plan more vacation/learning experiences,” said Rabbi Yoni Katz, director of operations at the Jewish Learning Institute and coordinator of the trip. “It has a special ability to inspire participants because of the totality of the environment, which combines learning and spiritual growth with the comfortable amenities of a pleasurable vacation. With Israel as the subject matter of our fall course, arranging the tour was natural.”

Jewish Learning Institute director Rabbi Efraim Mintz said that already 27 Chabad Houses had signed on the trip, which is also open to communities that may not be participating with the institute’s six-week Israel course. He anticipated that anywhere from 300 to 400 people would ultimately be traveling to Israel as part of the initiative.

“This is a natural follow-up to an intensive course of Israel,” he said. “You’ll also be traveling with hundreds of other students who are on the same path of discovery.”