(FJC.ru) The Jewish community of Zhitomer, Ukraine, protested to the regional administrators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the state Security Service and various other administrative organs following recent waves of anti-Semitism and an attempted attack on its chief rabbi, Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm.

In the letter to authorities, community officials say the attempted attack on Wilhelm, co-director of Chabad-Lubavitch activities in Zhitomer, "was by a group of youth, apparently of an organized nature."

They further demand in the letter that state organs take action to prevent further attacks by extremist groups. "The situation has reached its critical point," state the officials.

The incident involving Wilhelm comes on the heels of several threatening episodes in the Ukrainian city, including a previous attempt to physically assault the rabbi. On that occasion, a gang apparently waited for Wilhelm to leave the city's synagogue yard before attacking him. They were apprehended by the rabbi's security guard and his driver.

In a second incident, numerous unidentified youth attempted to break in to the Jewish girls' dormitories. While community staff prevented them from entering the building, the gang screamed anti-Semitic slogans and insults, and tried to punch one of the residents.