More than 100 children and their widowed mothers are taking part in a retreat organized by Colel Chabad. The 25 families, who arrived at a Jerusalem four-star hotel on Thursday, in many cases cannot afford basic needs and certainly would not have been able to enjoy a vacation.

Amram Blau, the volunteer director of Colel Chabad's Crisis Intervention for Young Widows and Orphans, tells of one mother who was going to back out of the retreat several days before the trip. She couldn't afford bus fare, he says, but in the end was given enough money to finance the excursion to Jerusalem.

According to Blau, the retreat gives the families the opportunity to mingle with others in their situation and attend various workshops given by therapists. The program, which continues through the weekend, includes swimming, trips and sessions where the kids will be able to open up to each other.