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Bagel Bonanza

How to Make Bagels at Home


Bagel Bonanza: How to Make Bagels at Home

Rabbi Shaul and family make real homemade bagels. That and an origami duck.
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Shaul Wertheimer Flushing January 9, 2017

Recipe I think that any basic bread recipe should work. Here's a recipe that will produce moist & chewy bagels. Hope you like it!

6.5 cups flour
3 cups warm water
1.5 T salt
1.5 T yeast

Mix until all flour is incorporated; dough will be moist. No need to knead. Let rise 1.5-2 hours. Before taking small piece of dough, dust it lightly with flour (it will be very sticky). Use more flour if necessary to keep it from sticking to your hands. Shape into circle, as shown in the video. Let rise approx.30 min. While rising, boil water and add 1/4 C sugar and 1 tsp baking soda. Gently drop bagels into water one at a time and let simmer for 2 minutes; flip and simmer for another minute.

Remove & place on towel dusted with flour. Sprinkle with sesame seeds & bake at 450F for around 20 minutes. Reply

Gaynor Reeve January 9, 2017

Bagels My son lives in Guam and would love the receipe please, please! Gaynor in San Diego Reply

Mushky Goldstein Auckland, New Zealand June 1, 2015

Recipe They look so delicious! Can you post the recipe? Reply

Anonymous October 12, 2014

bagel recipe My family loves bagels.we get bagels for the whole extended family every Sunday.We love this video and NEED the recipe. Reply

Anonymous PA September 24, 2013

recipe What's the point of the video if we don't have the recipe? Look's really good, can you please post the recipe. Reply

Sandra Odell Blaenau Ffestiniog May 14, 2013

I would love to cook my own I was brought up in a Jewish community in Manchester my father used to be the gardener for a Jewish family and i grew up to love kosher food. i now live far away fro this community and miss my bagels.

I have got a cookery book called at the table of Israel but it does not have any bagel recipes in it.

thank you for this website.
Sandra Reply

Anonymous mequon, WI August 19, 2012

recipe can we get the recipe? Reply

Shaul Wertheimer Kew Gardens Hills, NY June 20, 2012

Recipte Haha, no, David, it wouldn't hurt to list ingredients etc. ;-)

We have been considering including a pdf recipe with each episode of the Queens Cuisines, and your feedback is appreciated. Reply

David Tzvi Mesa, AZ May 9, 2012

Recipe Would it hurt to list the ingredients and the quantities of each? And maybe it would be nice to give the temp and baking time? After 30 minutes in the AZ sun I begin to boil...so how long should I boil the bagels? Reply

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