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Shemini Audio Classes

Parshah Thought: Shemini
A five minute weekly Torah thought based on the teachings of Chassidut.
Torah Gems - Parsha Shemini
Experience the gems of the Parsha with the classic commentaries, and a kabbalstic twist.
M-Cast: Shemini
Audio | 5:01
M-Cast: Shemini
Welcome to M-Cast, where we take a look at topics in the weekly Torah portion and see how it relates to the coming of Moshiach.
Shemini - Hanging From A Thread
Parshat Shemini discusses the laws of impurity as it specificlaly relates to food. One of the stipulations for a vegetable to be susceptible to impurity is that it must be completely severed from the ground. If however there is even a small strand that can keep the vegetable sustained, it can not become impure. This class takes a Kabbalistic viewpoint of this concept.
Shemini - In Depth
Audio | 31:31
Shemini - In Depth
An in depth look at the weekly Parsha based on the talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
Parshah Insight: Shemini
A five minute weekly Torah insight based on the wellsprings of Torah and Chassidut.
Basic Parsha - Shemini
Audio | 1:22:56
Basic Parsha - Shemini
An overview of the weekly Parsha, through the eyes of the many commentators, enriching your understanding of how our great history unfolded.
The Chassidic Dimension - Shemini
An in depth presentation of Chassidic teachings on the weekly Parshah.
An advanced presentation of Chassidic teachings on the Parshah.
Chumash and Rashi: Shemini
Parshah with Rabbi Gordon
The Personal Parshah: Shemini
Look into your life and discover the Parsha within.
A Reaction to Personal Tragedy
A Taste of Text—Shemini
Though we are not expected to react like Aaron, our own lives are rarely easy. To accept life’s challenges, we need to cultivate our faith that G‑d runs the world.
Can a Snake Become Kosher?
Letters and Numbers of Torah—Shemini
In the verse (Leviticus 11:42) that prohibits the eating of creatures that slither on their bellies, the Hebrew word for belly (gachon) is spelled with a large-sized letter vav. How does this allude to our inner struggle against the evil inclination, which is likened to a snake?
Laws of Ritual Purity and Impurity
Parsha Shemini
How does a food item become susceptible to ritual defilement? This class analyzes the three requisite conditions in Halacha and relates each to a parallel in the service of G-d. (Based on Likkutei Sichos vol. 27, pp.74)
The Eighth Day
Audio | 1:16:07
The Eighth Day
How to Study Torah - Shemini
An overview of what transpired on the eighth day of the inauguration of the Sanctuary climaxing with Aaron alone, and then he and Moses blessing the people, and the appearance of G-d's presence.
Parsha Gems: Shemini & Acharon-shel-Pesach
Study some of the highlights of the weekly Torah portion with insights from various commentaries.
Kosher Food
Audio | 1:10:17
Kosher Food
Practical Parshah—Shemini
The biblical criteria for determining which animals are kosher, and their practical application today.
Parshah Insights: Shemini
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
The Songs of the Angels
In our daily prayers we repeatedly quote the praises and songs that the angels offer the Almighty on High. These visions of the celestial beings have been transmitted to us by the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel. This class will explain the meaning of these songs and why in our prayers, we - mere mortals of flesh and blood - invoke the compositions of the angels. (Based on the Purim maamor of 5714 / 1954)
The Miraculous Number Eight
Life Lessons from Parshat Shemini
The name of this Torah portion means eight, which is extremely special and central in Judaism. Explore the significance and the many areas where this number is expressed throughout Jewish life.
Chumash Classes: Shemini
Parshah Mnemonics: Shemini
Decoding the hidden messages
The parshah of Shemini contains 91 verses and the mnemonic for it is the word ‘Ovadiah’. Explore the coded message in this Masoretic note and its connection to the general themes of the Parshah.
The Transcendent Power of Obedience!
Haftorah Hyperlinks: Shemini
Learn the profound connections between the weekly parsha and its related Haftorah.
Two Minute Rabbi: Shemini
Truth vs. Kindness
Audio | 46:02
Truth vs. Kindness
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on Aaron not eating the Sin Offering
Moshe and Aharon have a difference in opinion over how Judaism should be practiced, teaching us a spectacular lesson in how to relate to Jewish growth – in ourselves and in others.
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