Chapter 33

1Sing praises to the Lord, O you righteous; for the upright, praise is fitting.   ארַֽנְּנ֣וּ צַ֖דִּיקִים בַּֽיהֹוָ֑ה לַ֜יְשָׁרִ֗ים נָאוָ֥ה תְהִלָּֽה:
2Give thanks to the Lord with a harp; with a lyre of ten melodies make music to Him.   בהוֹד֣וּ לַֽיהֹוָ֣ה בְּכִנּ֑וֹר בְּנֵ֥בֶל עָ֜שׂ֗וֹר זַמְּרוּ־לֽוֹ:
with a lyre of ten melodies: Heb. בנבל עשור, of ten kinds of melody.  
3Sing to Him a new song; play well with joyful shouting.   גשִׁ֣ירוּ ל֖וֹ שִׁ֣יר חָדָ֑שׁ הֵיטִ֥יבוּ נַ֜גֵּ֗ן בִּתְרוּעָֽה:
4For the word of the Lord is upright, and all his deeds are with faith.   דכִּֽי־יָשָׁ֥ר דְּבַר־יְהֹוָ֑ה וְכָל־מַֽ֜עֲשֵׂ֗הוּ בֶּֽאֱמוּנָֽה:
5He loves charity and justice; the earth is full of the Lord's kindness.   האֹהֵֽב צְדָקָ֣ה וּמִשְׁפָּ֑ט חֶ֥סֶד יְ֜הֹוָ֗ה מָֽלְאָ֥ה הָאָֽרֶץ:
6By the word of the Lord, the heavens were made, and with the breath of His mouth, all their host.   ובִּדְבַ֣ר יְ֖הֹוָה שָׁמַ֣יִם נַֽעֲשׂ֑וּ וּבְר֥וּחַ פִּ֜֗יו כָּל־צְבָאָֽם:
7He gathers in the water of the sea as a mound; He puts the deeps into treasuries.   זכֹּנֵ֣ס כַּ֖נֵּד מֵ֣י הַיָּ֑ם נֹתֵ֖ן בְּאֹצָר֣וֹת תְּהוֹמֽוֹת:
as a mound: Heb. כנד, an expression of height, and so did Onkelos render (Exod. 15:8): נצבו כמו נד, they stood up like a wall, and so did Menachem (p. 121, missing) explain it. נד and נאד do not have the same meaning.  
He puts the deeps into treasuries: under the earth.  
8Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him.   חיִֽירְא֣וּ מֵֽ֖יהֹוָה כָּל־הָאָ֑רֶץ מִמֶּ֥נּוּ יָ֜ג֗וּרוּ כָּל־יֹֽשְׁבֵ֥י תֵבֵֽל:
9For He said and it came about; He commanded and it endured.   טכִּ֚י ה֣וּא אָמַ֣ר וַיֶּ֑הִי הֽוּא־צִ֜וָּ֗ה וַֽיַּֽעֲמֹֽד:
10The Lord frustrated the counsel of nations; He put the plans of peoples to nought.   ייְהֹוָ֗ה הֵ֖פִיר עֲצַ֣ת גּוֹיִ֑ם הֵ֜נִ֗יא מַחְשְׁב֥וֹת עַמִּֽים:
11The counsel of the Lord shall endure forever; the plans of His heart to all generations.   יאעֲצַ֣ת יְ֖הֹוָה לְעוֹלָ֣ם תַּֽעֲמֹ֑ד מַחְשְׁב֥וֹת לִ֜בּ֗וֹ לְדֹ֣ר וָדֹֽר:
12Praiseworthy is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people that He chose as His inheritance.   יבאַשְׁרֵ֣י הַ֖גּוֹי אֲשֶׁר־יְהֹוָ֣ה אֱלֹהָ֑יו הָעָ֓ם | בָּחַ֖ר לְנַֽחֲלָ֣ה לֽוֹ:
13The Lord looked from heaven; He saw all the sons of men.   יגמִשָּׁמַיִם הִבִּ֣יט יְהֹוָ֑ה רָ֜אָ֗ה אֶת־כָּל־בְּנֵ֥י הָאָדָֽם:
14From His dwelling place He oversees all the inhabitants of the earth.   ידמִֽמְּכֽוֹן־שִׁבְתּ֥וֹ הִשְׁגִּ֑יחַ אֶ֖ל כָּל־יֹֽשְׁבֵ֣י הָאָֽרֶץ:
He oversees: He looks.  
15He Who forms their hearts together, Who understands all their deeds.   טוהַיֹּצֵ֣ר יַ֣חַד לִבָּ֑ם הַ֜מֵּבִ֗ין אֶל־כָּל־מַֽעֲשֵׂיהֶֽם:
He Who forms their hearts together: All of their hearts together and knows all the thoughts. Our Sages, however, explain that it refers back to “From His dwelling place, the Creator oversees their hearts together,” and they derived from here that all are examined with a single glance (Rosh Hashana 18a).  
16The king is not saved with a vast army; a mighty man will not be rescued with great strength.   טזאֵ֣ין הַ֖מֶּלֶךְ נוֹשָׁ֣ע בְּרָב־חָ֑יִל גִּ֜בּ֗וֹר לֹֽא־יִנָּצֵ֥ל בְּרָב־כֹּֽחַ:
17A horse is a false hope for victory, and with his power, he will not escape.   יזשֶׁ֣קֶר הַ֖סּוּס לִתְשׁוּעָ֑ה וּבְרֹ֥ב חֵ֜יל֗וֹ לֹ֣א יְמַלֵּֽט:
18Behold the eye of the Lord is to those who fear Him, to those who hope for His kindness,   יחהִנֵּ֚ה עֵ֣ין יְ֖הֹוָה אֶל־יְרֵאָ֑יו לַֽמְיַֽחֲלִ֥ים לְחַסְדּֽוֹ:
19to rescue their soul from death and to sustain them in famine.   יטלְהַצִּ֣יל מִמָּ֣וֶת נַפְשָׁ֑ם וּלְחַיּוֹתָ֥ם בָּֽרָעָֽב:
20Our soul waits for the Lord; He is our help and our shield.   כנַפְשֵׁנוּ חִכְּתָ֣ה לַֽיהֹוָ֑ה עֶזְרֵ֖נוּ וּמָֽגִנֵּ֣נוּ הֽוּא:
21For our heart will rejoice in Him, because we hoped in His holy name.   כאכִּי־ב֖וֹ יִשְׂמַ֣ח לִבֵּ֑נוּ כִּ֚י בְשֵׁ֖ם קָדְשׁ֣וֹ בָטָֽחְנוּ:
22May Your kindness, O Lord, be upon us, as we hoped for You.   כביְהִי־חַסְדְּךָ֣ יְהֹוָ֣ה עָלֵ֑ינוּ כַּֽ֜אֲשֶׁ֗ר יִחַ֥לְנוּ לָֽךְ: