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In-Depth Study

Take a peek into the reasons and the fine print of the various elements of a Jewish marriage. Topics such as the wedding and engagement contracts, wedding witnesses, as well as the various stages in the marriage process are explained in layman's terms.

Tnai'm -- Engagement Agreements
The tna'im are the official agreements between the bride and groom, traditionally written up in a contract. Read the reasons, legal minutiae, and various customs surrounding the tna'im.
The Chupah Escorts
The rules and customs regarding who is eligible to escort the bride and groom to the chupah.
Kiddushin -- Betrothal
The Jewish marriage is a two-stage process. What is the legal and mystical significance of these two stages?
Halachic Requirements for the Wedding Band
The ring plays a very important role in the wedding ceremony, serving as the object through which the betrothal is effected.
Is a
The halachic reason why Jews do not have Double Ring ceremonies beneath the chupah.
The Jewish Wedding Witnesses (Edim)
Who is qualified to serve as a witness at a Jewish wedding?
The Ketubah
The Ketubah outlines the obligations of the husband towards his bride. What are these obligations?
Customs for Second Marriages
Jewish customs, traditions, and perspective for second weddings.
Panim Chadashot --
Joy which isn’t shared with a “new face” (“panim chadashot”) lacks a certain excitement. It is therefore necessary to “freshen” the joy and happiness of the newlyweds...
Inner Meaning of the Sheva Brachot
Every one of the seven blessings of the Sheva Brachot has a deep meaning, an important message for the bride and groom.
Polygamy in Judaism
Interestingly, I’ve never encountered an episode in the Talmud that involves a polygamous family.
Why Does Torah Law Allow Polygamy?
Why make room for trouble? If the ideal union of man and woman is an exclusive one, why should “a nation of priests and a holy people” compromise?
Kohen Marriages
A Kohen's heightened level of holiness, as well as his leadership role, places limits on the women he may marry.
Prohibited Marriages
A clear list of the individuals a Jewish man or woman may and may not marry.
Q & A: The Seven Blessings
Some interesting explanations on the Sheva Brachot (Seven Benedictions) recited beneath the chupah and after the Grace after Meal, during the wedding and during the week that follows.
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