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Inspiring stories, old and new, about Jewish weddings and marriage.

A Pittsburgh Miracle
The warmth and the songs uplifted Marilyn in a way she hadn’t expected, creating a sense of openness inside her to whatever destiny had to offer.
A Joke Made in Heaven
“Go in peace,” said the Maggid to the destitute and unmarried young scholar. “Accept the first marriage proposal that is suggested to you.”
The Seven-Day Wonder
The Baal Shem Tov passed his handkerchief over the boy's face and commanded, "Give us a word of Torah..."
A Joyous Divorce
Just as they had celebrated their marriage with joy, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai told the couple, so should their divorce be celebrated in joy.
A Jew in Brooklyn
Rabbi Hodakov, the Rebbe’s secretary, was on the line. “The Rebbe says to tell the young woman that there is a Jew in Brooklyn who cannot sleep at night because she intends to marry a non-Jew.”
A Man, His Wife, Her Foot
The doctor may have been taken aback... But actually, he wasn't mistaken.
The Beautiful Bride
"Why did your husband leave you?" asked Rabbi Israel.
"He says that I'm ugly," said the deserted wife.
"And what do you say to that?" asked the Chassidic master.
The Iron Necklace
Poor brides lacking the requisite necklace had been known to weep for shame on their wedding days; some even ran away so as to avoid the embarrassment.
A Marriage Blessed In Heaven
Gila grew up in an observant home, Ben's family was less observant. Gila didn't know why Yosef thought to put them together...
A Dollar, a Story, and the (Re)union of Eliezer and Devorah
The divine providence found in an engagement, a breakup, and a reunion years later in Jerusalem.
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