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Many aspects of the Jewish wedding are rooted in multiple layers of Jewish law and mysticism. Read more about the Chupah escorts, wedding witnesses, wedding band, Ketubah, and more.

Tnai'm -- Engagement Agreements
The tna'im are the official agreements between the bride and groom, traditionally written up in a contract. Read the reasons, legal minutiae, and various customs surrounding the tna'im.
The Chupah Escorts
The rules and customs regarding who is eligible to escort the bride and groom to the chupah.
The Bridal Canopy (Chuppah)
A Jewish marriage is finalized when the groom ushers his bride beneath his chupah. But what exactly is the legal definition ofchupah?
Kiddushin -- Betrothal
The Jewish marriage is a two-stage process. What is the legal and mystical significance of these two stages?
The Wedding Band
Laws and customs pertaining to the wedding band.
Is a
The halachic reason why Jews do not have Double Ring ceremonies beneath the chupah.
The Witnesses
Who is qualified to serve as a witness at a Jewish wedding?
The Ketubah
The Ketubah outlines the obligations of the husband towards his bride. What are these obligations?
Customs for Second Marriages
Jewish customs, traditions, and perspective for second weddings.
Panim Chadashot --
Joy which isn’t shared with a “new face” (“panim chadashot”) lacks a certain excitement. It is therefore necessary to “freshen” the joy and happiness of the newlyweds...
Pop the Question
Why does the bride walk in a circle around the groom? Why do we specifically use a ring in the ceremony? Read the answers to some interesting wedding related questions.
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