I acknowledge my profound debt to the following people for assisting me in the production of this work:

My brother, Dr. Norman Lamm, my mentor and colleague, President of Yeshiva University, who sacrificed precious hours to critically review the entire manuscript;

Rabbi Zvi Schachter, Rosh Yeshiva, and Head of the Kollel at Yeshiva University, who tested all my halakhic decisions;

Rabbi David Bleich, Rosh Yeshiva, and faculty member at Cardozo School of Law, who reviewed the chapter on prohibited partners;

Shimon and Anita Wincelberg, authors and playwrights, who made important suggestions regarding style;

Adaire Klein, librarian at Yeshiva University, Los Angeles, who contributed dedicated and invaluable research assistance in the preparation of the bibliography and manuscript;

Ben Zion Jerusalmi, who diligently reviewed the sources;

John Loudon, my editor, who was persistently confident of the need for this work;

Last and most, my parents, Samuel and Pearl Lamm, who serve as models of the Jewish Way in Love and Marriage. May they continue to find their dreams fulfilled for many years to come.