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‘Daughter’ to Pittsburgh Victims Shares Her Memories and Pain
‘They’d never miss a Shabbat,’ writes Rochel McDoodle, urging Shabbat candle-lighting and other mitzvahs in their memory
Dear G-d, An Open Letter From a Jew in Pittsburgh
‘It is time for a new day to dawn, a day that is entirely Shabbat’
With Death Nearby, Our Shabbat Services Were on Lockdown in Squirrel Hill
I told him I was fine, but was I? Are any of us?
Is G-d Crying for Pittsburgh?
I don’t claim to understand G‑d and His ways, but if I had to imagine how things look in heaven, they might look something like this.
Our Beloved, Peaceful Pittsburgh
Stand United With Pittsburgh
Put up a mezuzah, share your condolences and show solidarity and pride!
Regardless of where you live around the globe, you can join this campaign. If you don’t have a Mezuzah at your door(s), please do so in honor of the victims.
I Want My Old Pittsburgh Back
Recalling the Pittsburgh of my youth in the shadow of this week's massacre
Pittsburgh was my home for two years after we moved to the U.S. from Russia. Although it was very different from anything I’d ever experienced in Moscow, one thing that stood out was its people. People are friendly in Pittsburgh.
A Time to Heal
The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Response to Loss and Tragedy
Current today as when originally provided, this volume is a collection of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's counsel to the bereaved.
Tree of Life: An Artist Memorializes the 11 Lives Lost
Pittsburgh, October 27, and the Ties that Bond
How is it possible that we’ve “moved on” from the deadliest act of violence against Jews in the history of the United States?
How the Pittsburgh Attack Got Me to Share That I Am Jewish
It was the Monday morning right after the Pittsburgh synagogue attack, and I had not yet determined if and how I would approach the topic with my public school sixth-grade class.