We are all shocked by the horrible massacre that took place in Pittsburgh. On Shabbat morning, eleven people were murdered in a ruthless anti-semitic attack.

The rabbis, rebbetzins and staff of Chabad-Lubavitch in Pittsburgh are doing their utmost to support the grieving families and the entire community. They are also committed to increasing the sense of Jewish unity and Jewish pride. “We won’t let Anti-semitism defeat us” they said.

In that light, they have called for a campaign to install (affix) 1,100 Mezuzot in the Pittsburgh region, a hundred Mezuzot in the memory of each victim that lost their lives in the attack.

We are all one family. Your loss is our loss. Together we mourn, together we cry.

Let's tell the Jewish community of Pittsburgh: we stand with you!

Let’s show them we care. Let’s join them!

Regardless of where you live around the globe, you can join this campaign. If you don’t have a Mezuzah at your door(s), please do so in honor of the victims. Even if you have a Mezuzah at your front door, you can fulfill this Mitzvah by adding a Mezuzah in other rooms inside your home.

If you already have Mezuzot on all doorposts of your home and office, please consider choosing another Mitzvah in their honor. In addition, you can also add your very own condolences note that will be hand-delivered to the families of the victims.

Feel free to reach out to your local Chabad House — they will gladly help you with purchasing and installing a Mezuzah.

May this global show of unity bring some solace to the families and bring healing to our fractured world.

Please join below:

Yes, I will stand united with the Jewish community of Pittsburgh by: