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Iyar Multimedia

The Month of Iyar
Audio | 42:35
The Month of Iyar
This class details the special spiritual dimension of the month of Iyar.
The Month of Iyar
Video | 11:34
The Month of Iyar
G-d Is Your Healer
The name of this month, Iyar, spells an acronym for the phrase “I am the L‑rd your healer.” What does the unique nature of this month teach us about illness as well as healing? What role do we play in blocking or facilitating our own healing?
I Am G-d Your Healer
The month of Iyar
The Kabbalah reveals that in the month of Iyar, G-d’s healing powers are uniquely manifest. This class will explore the nature of this extraordinary period and how to access this divine blessing. (Based on Likkutei Sichos, vol. 32, and other sources.)
The Zodiac of Iyar
Video | 24:13
The Zodiac of Iyar
The Kabbalah of the Jewish months
Learn the mystical dimension of the Jewish month embedded in its Hebrew name, mazal, tribe, attribute and more. The Hebrew zodiac for Iyar is “shor” (ox), a.k.a. Taurus.
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