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Understanding Chassidus

Learn a Maamar from Samach Vov


The series of chassidic discourses affectionately known as Samach Vov, from the year 5666 by the Fifth Chabad Rebbe, the Rebbe Rashab, are famous for their exceptionally comprehensive and deep nature. Join Dr. Yaakov Brawer for clear and profound elucidations of these discourses.

Samach Vav: Az Yashir
Learning the Maamar אז ישיר ישראל
Samach Vav: Ki Merosh Tzurim Arehnu
Learning the Maamar מראש צורים אראנו
Samach Vav: Titen Emes LeYaakov
Learning the Maamar תתנ אמת ליעקב
Samach Vav: u'Mikneh Rav
Learning the Maamar ומקנה רב
Samach Vav: Eileh HaDevarim
Learning the Maamar אלה הדברים
Samach Vav: Vehayah Ki Savo
Learning the Maamer והי' כי תבוא
Samach Vav: Ki HaMitzvah HaZos
Learning the Maamer כי המצוה הזאת
Samach Vav: Tikku BaChodesh Shofar
Learning the Maamar תקעו בחדש
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