The entire people heard the words of G‑d, and they became frightened.

They begged Moses to be the intermediary between G‑d and them, for if G‑d Himself would continue to give them the entire Torah, they would surely die. Moses told them not to be afraid, for G‑d had revealed Himself to them so that they would fear Him and not sin.

Then G‑d asked Moses to ascend the mountain; for he alone was able to stand in the presence of G‑d. There Moses was to receive the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments and the entire Torah, to teach it to the children of Israel.

Moses went up the mountain and stayed there forty days and forty nights, without food or sleep, for he had become like an angel. During this time, G‑d revealed to Moses the entire Torah, with all its laws and the interpretations thereof.

Finally, G‑d gave Moses the two stone Tables of Testimony, containing the Ten Commandments, written by G‑d Himself.