To my dear therapist,

Today I invite you into my heart, into my soul and into my world. Welcome.

You know that I have been struggling with my issues for many years. I have gone from one therapist to another seeking assistance, while continuing desperately in my lonely quest to grope my way out of my emotional prison. Why didn’t I remain with any of them? Each one of them had, under a thin veneer of professional compassion, a coldness that chilled me to the core. I was either a specimen to be studied, or a lucrative source of income. Every phone call, every interaction was billed separately, and I found it impossible to believe that in their eyes I had any intrinsic value as a human being.

I was either a specimen to be studied, or a lucrative source of incomeFrom the start, you were different. Your willingness to show flexibility through phone contact and text messaging made me feel that you really do care. In turn, I discovered that the ability to care for and about myself turned from a fantasy into a reality. I have never before had the pleasure of someone focusing on me as intently as you do when you sit across from me during our weekly sessions. It feels so good to have someone attending to me, feeling my pain, and deeply desiring to heal my wounds and guide me in my journey toward self-actualization.

This experience has greatly enhanced my relationship with G‑d.

I think to myself, “Imagine!! G‑d is focusing on me right at this moment! And not just for the 50 minutes which a session lasts! Oh no!! He has been focusing on me constantly, from the moment I entered the world!” I imagine G‑d watching over me during my childhood with love and concern. I imagine the depth of His compassion for me as a helpless vulnerable child, shamed to the core, abandoned, lost and afraid. I imagine G‑d holding me and comforting me, telling me that I am loved, telling me that even in my pain He is there to protect me, and explaining to me that suffering does not diminish my value. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that.

I now understand that I need to reclaim my own inner child. I need to “re-parent” this little girl and love her unconditionally. As I begin this journey, I know that deeply rooted feelings of shame will wash over me, fighting to reclaim control. At times I will feel that the outer environment is conspiring to sabotage my efforts to move forward. That is why my weekly sessions with you are vital.

You give me the courage to keep on tryingYou give me support, insight and resources. You give me the courage to keep on trying. You provide me with information through literature and through your own professional experience. The knowledge which you impart translates into skills, as you teach me to incorporate my goals into my daily schedule.

And so, on this beautiful Monday morning, I greet you once again. I am so glad that you are a part of my world. I am so glad that each week you continue to place in my hands the keys to doors that will eventually lead to inner peace and serenity. I feel safe with you, and I trust you.

I am proud and grateful to be . . .
Your Client