Another humid day:

Humidity is fine if you're a young raindrop
into water-weight training, pumping moisture.
But once you're too muscular,
you'll be on your own without a parachute.

Then, at best, you might join a scenic river
sailing out to sea, to see the world.

you may rain on an old broken road
and disappear in a fissure like Korach.

Or you might land on a dry surface
and simply evaporate, leaving
no audit trail of your existence.

Worse though, would be the humiliation
of falling in a sudden downpour and
funneling away down the city sewer.

But there are better scenarios, such as being
gathered in by the chevra 'mikvah' kadisha
and purifying keilim, and holy Yidden.

Or better still, to be part of
the joyous water-libation ceremony
in the Bais HaMikdash.

Or, the apex of dreams,
to be the descending dew
that revives the dead.

But until that exalted moment,
may it come speedily in our days,
please top up the freeon,
batten down the hatches and
let me hear the air-conditioner hum.